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I am a student at Yateley Sixth Form. I am studying Chemistry, Biology, History and Maths. I design websites in my spare times and I am the COO and co-founder of 5lines Creative, a web design agency with some of the best young creative minds in the industry. I am one of the front-end web developers, creating amazing websites for domestic and international clients. I am also an amateur athlete and my favourite distances are 400m and 800m. I train at Bracknell Athletics. I use a MacBook Pro as my main PC, with my iPad 2 coming along behind. More and more, I find myself using the iPad for everyday tasks such as checking the news, Twitter and writing emails.

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tom125 posted a reply to Why does every tech startup think they need a… March 25th @ 11:11 pm

If the investors and the support/infrastructure was there, I'm sure they would.

tom125 posted a reply to The end of my project. March 11th @ 7:57 pm

Learning a new skill is good smile Like web development, app development, how to use an app like Photoshop (i.e graphic design) etc. Good luck with whatever you do! grin

tom125 posted a reply to Help February 29th @ 8:20 am

I wouldn't use W3Schools, read W3fools. I'd use something like smile

tom125 posted a reply to Propelly - a new service making it easy to sell… February 23rd @ 5:27 pm

I'm supporting Propelly because it's made by two teenagers I know. I think it's a great product with good potential but as I said before, it will never get to the heights of Gumroad or TF etc because they don't have the industry behind them or anything. However, it's still a great product with a lot of potential. It only came out last week, and right now it's in an Alpha stage, so they still have a lot of time to get more people etc.

To answer your question, Propelly don't do the marketing for you. You have to manually do it, via Twitter, facebook, verbal communication, etc. So it's not so much about exposure (when using Propelly) than it is with a theme marketplace such as ThemeForest, seeming as they display the themes on their website for viewers to see without the seller doing much work at all. Right now we've sold 1 theme by Propelly and around 40 on GetDealy, and are currently working on promoting more themes on GetDealy and Propelly. I hope that answers your question.

tom125 posted a reply to Propelly - a new service making it easy to sell… February 22nd @ 4:27 pm

Depends on how successful you think/know your product will be that you are selling. If your product costs $5, and you know you can sell 200 in a month, that's $1000 revenue, minus $20 subscription charge from Propelly, you make $980 profit. However, on Gumroad, they take 5% + $0.30 for every sale, leaving you with a profit of £930. Not much difference, but on a bigger scale it will be a much larger gap.

I completely agree with your point about paying before selling vs selling and automatically making a profit on our first sale, even with a certain amount of commission. But I think it would depend on how successful your end product is, or how successful you know it will be in your chosen market.

tom125 posted a reply to Propelly - a new service making it easy to sell… February 19th @ 9:15 pm

I agree that Gumroad will beat the socks off Propelly in the long run, purely because of more powerful people doing it and more money. However, I do think Propelly serves a niche which Gumroad cannot serve right now, which is the profit stuff. They also say they have a lot more coming in the future so we cannot rule them out just yet.

tom125 posted a reply to Propelly - a new service making it easy to sell… February 18th @ 4:26 pm

@Jeremy it depends really, if you know you will sell a lot of products, and you go with Propelly, they have fixed pricing, and after that you pay no commission. So you can do a basic calculation of Revenue - subscription = Profit. However, with Gumroad, they take commission, so you may end up selling 100 products on each, but making a lot less money from Gumroad from Propelly. Of course, Savil will have thought about this and I'm sure he will lower the commission on that product for a certain number that is sold. But the point still stands, you could potentially make much better profit (providing you shift a decent number of goods) from Propelly than Gumroad.

tom125 created a topic Propelly - a new service making it easy to sell… February 15th @ 11:00 am

Hey guys, just joined Propelly, a new site that makes it super simple and easy to sell digital online. They take no commission and during the Beta, Premium accounts are free! However you need a referer to sign up right now! If you want access, click on this link and you can have access right now. Btw, it's made by @cecplascott and Patrick Socha so you'd do good to follow them.

tom125 posted a reply to How did you get involved with entrepreneurship? February 3rd @ 5:15 pm

Great question! smile

So basically I used to play an online game called Tales of Pirates. By the nature of online games, it was difficult and I enjoyed challenges so I levelled up and got better. Eventually, however, when I was a high enough level and it was very difficult to gain any levels, I got bored and decided to turn to a Private Server. For those who don't know, a Private Server is basically a game server where the game runs normally, albeit with some changes, generally making it easier, more interesting etc. I played one called King of Death which is defunct now, although it's morphed into Dungeon Sea Online. As I was one of the first few players there, I got strong very quickly and became the best in my class on the server, by that time ~500. I was very active on the forums, and so I got noticed and became a Moderator. Soon, I got promoted to be a GM, and eventually, through a series of events, became to head of the game (only the owner, who wasn't really interested in it anymore and only saw it as a money making venture, was above me). I got paid quite a bit to moderate this game, which was great. I liked this, because I was in charge of the sub-GMs and stuff, however soon a power struggle between me and another GM went on and he won, unfortunately. I continued to fight for my position and found I enjoyed this too.

We had a web guy, who did all the web stuff for the site, MySQL and stuff. I was vaguely interested in development, and so took a look at his code and started to edit it based on what I had heard were best practices from the inter webs (he didn't like this and I can now understand why!). Although I did actually make some improvements to the site, although that design has now been scrapped, which is kinda sad.

I decided that this was cool and interesting for me, and I liked a challenge, so decided to learn HTML, CSS, PHP etc. I am now experienced with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. I then saw a post on Forrst about a teen-design agency, so I applied and got it. And that's where I am now, COO of 5lines Creative!

Hope that wasn't too long, but that's my story.

tom125 posted a reply to Come check out 80char! January 3rd @ 2:39 pm

Nice work! I've signed up, looks really really great!

I also emailed you too raspberry

tom125 posted a reply to Reminder: Teens in Tech Conference this Saturday! December 16th @ 1:06 pm

You should team up with TeenWebConf to make some awesome conferences in the UK! smile

Good luck on Saturday grin

tom125 posted a reply to Streable launching should Connect use it? December 13th @ 10:15 pm

Really good idea - I've been getting increasingly annoyed by the Youtube comment system in particular for the last year or so. It just needs some design direction and then I think it could be a real hit on the web.

tom125 posted a reply to How did you get into entrepreneurship? December 4th @ 7:23 pm

Used to play an online game called Tales of Pirates about 5 years ago, got bored with it and started on a new Private Server. I was recruited by the staff to be a GM, rose within the ranks and eventually got to be boss. Left about 2 years ago to pursue other things (Web Development). It was really awesome, got about £1.5k out of it total smile

tom125 created a topic Has anybody had experience with a Virtual… November 26th @ 10:36 pm

I'm one 3 co-founders of a small web design agency, 5lines. There are currently 3 of us, and we are based in different parts of the world. I was wondering if anybody had experience of a virtual office and if so, are they good? Is it a benefit for a small startup to have one?


Tom Oakley

tom125 posted a reply to Follow me on the twitter? November 17th @ 7:04 pm

haha. I followed you grin Can people follow me too? :3 smile I'll follow you back as well!

tom125 posted a reply to Anyone going to TeenWeb Conference 2011? November 14th @ 5:59 pm

Haven't heard about one. Sorry.

tom125 created a topic Anyone going to TeenWeb Conference 2011? November 11th @ 8:23 am

Is anyone going to the Teen Web Conference In London on December 10th?

tom125 created a topic My web design agency, 5lines October 19th @ 9:40 pm

Hi, recently started up a new web design agency called 5lines, Go take a look and Follow us on Twitter! Thanks smile

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