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What are some essential startup tools? - Conversations - Teens in Tech Connect

What are some essential startup tools?

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sean Wednesday at 8:28PM

What are some essential startup…

With everything in life, there has to be some things that your startup cannot exist without. Project Management, Source Code, Memes, etc. I'm really looking for a good project management software with some source code tie-in, maybe in a perfect world.

What are some applications that your startup cannot exist without?

charlesperalo Thursday at 12:04AM

Well really any startup can make it with any rules. It depends on the company and the team. Really with my team we've all sorta done our own thing in the process and don't need a huge deal of project management. I'd say the crucial thing is a lot of interest in the project.

ben Thursday at 1:07AM

Someone to tell you when you're doing something stupid. No application can replace that.

To answer the question directly, I couldn't live without the iOS browsers. Sounds simple, but that's where I do the majority of my learning recently and when I'm at the computer it's mostly work.