Thanks Andrew Hsu, for making it just that much harder.

by Jeremy Tan | February 12th @ 8:32 pm

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jeremyt February 12th @ 8:32 pm

Thanks Andrew Hsu, for making…

If you haven't heard already, Airy Labs has recently laid off about 3/4 of it's staff. Anthony Ha from techcrunch wrote an article about this( ) . With help from accounts from ex-employees he goes into detail about the poor management of the company by Andrew. At airy labs, for about 90% of the day no one is allowed to talk instead they are forced to IM. At the end of every day they have to brief Andrew and his father about how things are going which usually keeps people til 10-11pm. Andrew has also made false promises of more funding to help keep the company alive as it is barely generating revenue as they didn't include In-App Purchases til months after their release. Former Employees also mention the Hsu family secretive meetings and how Andrew's Father runs the company more than he does.

This comes after bad reviews on glassdoor from other former employees at Airy. After which Andrew urged employees not to talk to anyone outside of the company about what happens.

This is a great image Andrew has painted of other young entrepreneurs. Moving the scale away from, "Kids can be innovative", back to, "Kids can't handle running businesses".


liam February 14th @ 8:58 am

RE: Thanks Andrew Hsu, for making…

Yeah I read that and immediately thought It sounded more like a sweat factory in China with all those regulations/rules and with the unmotivated staff working long hours. (Not being Racist)

However look at all the positive 'youngsters' in the tech world like Brian Wong, Sahil Lavingia etc. I'm sure that one person won't persuade every one's opinion's to think anyone below 20~ is incapable of managing a business. We don't hate every person from France or Germany just because of what a few nutters from those countries did during WW2, do we?

jeremyt February 14th @ 7:43 pm

I'm not saying that it forever ends hope in young people. I just mean it taints the image, and helps the stereotype. I mean look what's happened to Muslims, a few thousand bad guys out of 1.5 billion of them taint their whole entire image.

liam February 14th @ 11:46 pm

RE: Thanks Andrew Hsu, for making…

I agree with what your saying. I imagine Andrew has never had any real-life experiences (doubt he's ever worked); let alone been involved with running business. Although seems as though he has been constantly pushed, education wise, by his parents. I'm not doubting his superior intellect to the average person... People bought into the 'dream', saw all of his qualifications and genuinely believed in him. I think rather than age this persuades people to make sure they look inside the tin instead of just look at the nice packaging.

RE: The Muslim's, well yes however it isn't just limited to that religion if you think about that. Look at Catholicism, Judaism etc, no religion has a clean slate.

jeremyt February 15th @ 3:02 am

RE: Thanks Andrew Hsu, for making…

It was just an example because that is the one most blown out of proportion.

liam February 19th @ 8:40 pm

RE: Thanks Andrew Hsu, for making…

HA! Are you the same guy who posted on airy labs facebook? 'Why are you running your company with your mom and dad?' If you're I couldn't agree more, why would you want to?

jeremyt February 20th @ 5:22 am

RE: Thanks Andrew Hsu, for making…

Yeah I did lol. I don't think I'm ever going to get a response.

liam February 20th @ 8:22 am

RE: Thanks Andrew Hsu, for making…

Hmm, No I dont think they have the appetite to answer that question. I guess you've been crossed of the christmas card list :/

charlesperalo February 14th @ 10:28 pm

Well looking at this I wouldn't call it a failure if they're just trying to restructure.

andrew March 9th @ 2:45 am

Rather than bashing others and saying he's tainting the image, why not try to make the image better by launching incredible stuff?

jeremyt March 9th @ 7:53 pm

RE: Thanks Andrew Hsu, for making…

Was nothing I said here untrue? Why can't we do both things?